Hello! Welcome to my Sphynx Cattery I hope you enjoy visiting my beautiful hairless cats. I have been raising and showing Sphynx cats since 2002 and would like to give you some background on how I became interested in the Sphynx breed.


I started out showing Boxers and discovered that I enjoyed showing so much, that I wanted to try showing cats. I also thought that my one mixed-breed cat, Cookie, would like to have a playmate, so the search began.


According to my research the Sphynx had all the qualities we wanted in a cat, and more. I went to a local cat show to meet and learn more about the Sphynx breed.  I was able to see and feel a Sphynx for the very first time. I was immediately taken! It was shortly after that I was able to put in a deposit for my first show kitty and my first queen. I waited a long time for just the right kitty. I don't think anyone could ever have any other cat but a Sphynx. I can't even put into words how spectacular the Sphynx breed is.


Most cats are very independent and are quite happy to do their own thing. The Sphynx, however, wants to do whatever you are doing. Sphynx are by far a wonderful companion cat. Wherever you are, they want to be right there with you, and they are often referred to as being part monkey and part child because of their amusing antics.  If you are looking for an independent cat this is not the breed for you. They require, and their antics will demand, your attention.


B-Bald tends to stay small and work in conjunction with other catteries so that we can maintain healthy high quality cats.  My Sphynx are part of my family and our everyday lives.  Our babies are very well socialized and love any attention they receive from visitors or family. I am a Sphynx breeder interested not only in producing beautiful Sphynx kittens but well adjusted ones too. 


And, we are a cattery that scans all of our breeding cats for HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy).  We strive to produce the healthiest cats possible! 


To learn more about HCM, visit:  www.hairlesshearts.org



I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have concerning the Sphynx breed. And, references are happily available upon request. Thank you for visiting!