I am EXCITED to announce that I am starting a small Peterbald breeding program!!!  Never heard of a Peterbald?  You are in for a treat! Check back soon for updates.

Click here for information on the Peterbald Breed

Brilliance Sinegorye Tamir of B-Bald

(our current male)

White with gold eyes

A.K.A. "Oskar"

Aliencat Pious Tobias of B-Bald

(recently retired male)

Seal Lynx  Point

A.K.A. "Tobias" or "Toby" for short

Brilliance Sinegorye Linda of B-Bald

White Odd Eyed

A.K.A. "Meena"

Aliencat Twiggy Wiggy of B-Bald

Chocolate Tortie

A.K.A. "Twiggy"

Brilliance Sinegorye Kelly of B-Bald

Seal Point

A.K.A. "Myshka"